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Students at the grade 11-12 level may be eligible to receive credit for having a job and working the appropriate number of hours. Students, under most circumstances, can receive 4 credits once they have worked 100 hours at their place of employment. Students may receive up to 8 credits once they have successfully completed 200 hours of work. Students who are interested should come see me as there are forms that have to be filled out by both you and the employer. For more information please email Mrs. Doyle at

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Houston Secondary and Northwest Community College are partnering to deliver the provincially-accredited Professional Cook Level 1 (PC1) program in the high school beginning in February 2013 and running until July 19, 2013. This program is designed to prepare students for beginning their career in the food industry and working towards apprenticeship with Journeyman status. The 24-week program (840 hrs) will only cost students the price of their outfit and supplies – texts and tuition is paid by HSS and ITABC – a GREAT DEAL when you consider that the cost of taking the program after graduation would be approximately $4,968.89.

Students completing successfully also earn 28 Grade 12 level course credits.

Students must be 16yrs+ and have completed a Math 10 and English 10 to be eligible for the PC1 program. Attitude and attendance are also considered.

A PC1 demonstration and informational meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 5th at 1:00 pm in the Foods room at HSS. Students and Instructor from the Hazelton program will give a demonstration and answer questions about the program. Seating is limited to please contact the school if you would like to attend.

For more information, contact Mrs. Stanyer at 250-845-7217 or email

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